Martha's Chapel

Martha’s Chapel – Apex, North Carolina

I was out riding around on NC back roads near Jordan Lake when I came across this beautiful little church as the sun was setting. Martha’s Chapel – near Apex, NC


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Yates Mill

Yates Mill


Took a walk with the family the other day out at Yates Mill County Park. Pretty nice place!

The Washington Monument

The Washington Monument (and others)

This is the Washington Monument at sunrise, as seen from the Lincoln Memorial. There were very few people out that early in the morning, it was pretty nice :)

Behind me:

Lincoln Memorial


After shooting here, I headed on over to the Capitol Building to get a shot of it while it too was quiet. This is a 6 shot panorama:

Capitol Building


The day before, I took in a baseball game at Nationals Park on a perfect afternoon for baseball:

Nationals Park

Raven's Roost at Night

Raven’s Roost at Night


(Looks better if you click on it!)

Many of you may remember my “Buzzard’s Roost at night” image, taken at Fall Creek Falls State Park in Tennessee (Seen below). Today, I’ve prepared a new similar image – “Raven’s Roost at Night”. This one was taken at the Raven’s Roost overlook on the Blue Ridge Parkway near Lyndhurst, Virginia.

“Raven’s Roost at Night” is a combination of more than 160 photos, taken continually and merged together in post. The tree and the rocks were lit with a handheld flash fired manually several times from different locations. We are looking west in this image, so the stars appear to be streaking downward as they circle around the North Star, which is off to the right of the image. The colors in the sky is light pollution from nearby cities, reflecting into the clouds.

Hope you enjoy!



Johnny Mercer Pier

Johhny Mercer Pier

A couple of days ago, I got to ride around and explore the southern coast of North Carolina with my aunt and photographer, Marianne  - check out her work to see fantastic black and white long exposures

This is a photo of the Johnny Mercer Pier in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina at sunrise.

Raleigh During Brewgaloo

Raleigh, NC

So today I thought I’d share a photo from my new “home town”. This is Raleigh, NC at sunset during their recent Brewgaloo Beer Festival
Hope you enjoy!


But this photo HERE!


Final Nashville Sunset

Goodbye Nashville

My friends, I’m writing today to let you all know that I am moving from the Nashville, Tennessee area to Raleigh, North Carolina. Over the last several years, the people of Murfreesboro and Nashville have been very supportive of my photography, and I truly appreciate you all. I know that many of you continue to follow this blog and my facebook page mainly to see any new Nashville Skyline photos I may post. I hope you will continue to enjoy scenes from around beautiful North Carolina. I will miss this city, thank you all so much!

Below are a few of my favorite Nashville photos from the last couple of years – hope you enjoy!

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0G9B6918_19_20_21_22_23_24_tonemapped copymoon copy


Nashville_Panorama2 2-21

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Thank you Nashville!

Abandoned Church at Night

Abandoned Church at Night

A small church stands abandoned in a field.

This is about 1 hour 20 minutes worth of exposures to capture the motion in the stars. Facing south, the stars made a nice arc right over the church.


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Bodie Island Lighthouse

Bodie Island Lighthouse

What a beautiful place this was!

No gates + No entry fees + No closing times + No tripod police + Beautiful location = Photographers dream


I took a quick roadtrip (quick because I was leaving from Raleigh, NC) to the Outer Banks. I hung out at the Bodie Island lighthouse for a couple hours. Shooting it before, during, and after sunset and into the night. I’ve got a couple of photos that I want to share over the next week or so. Hope you all enjoy!


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Storm over Raleigh

Storm over Raleigh, NC

So I was setting up to photograph the Raleigh, NC skyline at sunset/night when I turned around and saw this massive ugly front moving in behind me. I decided to stay in hopes that it would move over the city and that I could get a shot of it before it started raining. Right after I took this photo, it started pouring and I had to run back to car. Even though it was a short distance, I was soaked!

Here is an iPhone photo of the front as it came in behind me:


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