Scenic Gulf Drive, Destin Florida

Aaahhh, the beach…





Can you hear the waves crashing?

From Destin, FL

iPhone Photography from Destin, FL

Just a few photos that I took with my iPhone while in Destin, FL. Be looking for the “real” photos soon! 🙂



Game Day!


I’ve had this idea for a while, but I wanted to save it for the football season. I’m a big Tennessee Titans fan so I always get excited when the season starts!


Here are some alternate shots:


The flare to the right is actually the second flash, not the sun 🙂






Had to get the kids involved! Loved this one, lol





The Set Up:


The set up was actually more complicated than it looks! It took my wife and I awhile to get it just right.

Goes like this:

Canon 7d with a Sigma 10-20 lens in the cooler propped up, beer bottles leaning all around :



I used a remote with a 10 second timer to fire it.


I have a Cowboy Studio wireless flash trigger that I used to fire two flashes. One flash was an Alien Bee 800 in a softbox set to about 3/4 power (which is kind of high, but the goal was to beat back  the sun). The box is sitting right next to the cooler, firing up into my face:




The second flash is a 580exii on a light stand on camera right, set to 1/2 power just to add a little fill:



And that’s it! Once I got the set up working right, I just took several photos with different poses. Don’t worry if the neighbors look at you funny 🙂


Also, check out my “Game Day” shot from a couple years ago. This one was a 3 exposure HDR, processed in Photomatix 🙂



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