The Nashville Skyline From….

Can you guess what Nashville Skyline building I was in to get this view? Put your answer below!


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A Turtle in the Road

So I found this little guy trying to cross the road in front of my house the other day. Of course I saved him from being flattened by some passing cars, but first I had to take some photos of him!

This is the fourth turtle I’ve saved from the road this year, but this one had so much more personality than the others. He was not shy at all, and was more than happy to walk around on the road for me 🙂

Murfreesboro Healing Field at Sunset

I went out to the Healing Field in Murfreesboro for sunset yesterday. The Healing field is set up every Memorial Day, more information on it is available here: Healing Field

The sky turned out to be amazing! To see a full panorama of this field, click HERE

Tennessee State Capitol (and the Lion king)

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I met up with Warne Riker downtown Nashville the other evening to get a shot I’ve had in mind for a while. The Lion King trailer is there because of the Lion King musical that is playing at the TPAC.



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Springfield, Tennessee – Courthouse

I made my way to Springfield, TN for the first time this past Saturday. I was there doing some pet photography on the square (coming soon to the blog), and managed to grab this shot in between.


Springfield, TN - Courthouse

Sunday Sunset – Panorama

Sunday Sunset - Panorama

Another panorama! Just like the last one, this is a 4 shot panorama (each a 7 exposure HDR). I was at home when I noticed the skies taking shape. Without much time to get to a more interesting spot, I headed to the farm field across from my house 🙂

Click the photo to view it LARGE!


Nashville Sunset Panorama

Click the photo to see it HUGE! 🙂

This is a Panorama merged from 4 horizontal photos, each photo is a 7 exposure HDR blend.

Nashville Sunset Pano