Nashville Sunrise



Late last week I had to head into Nashville early so I decided to stop to get a few shots of the city. I realized I completely lucked out just as I was parking. I quickly headed to the banks of the Cumberland River and this is what happened:

Nashville_Panorama2 2-21


Typically, this is a great spot to shoot the sunset but there was so much color in the sky from the sunrise this morning that it stretched all the way into the western sky. The above photo is a 6 shot panorama. Each is a 3 exposure HDR. The photos were merged into HDR using Photomatix and then merged into panorama using Photoshop.


Once the sky died down a bit and the sun came up more it cast some beautiful orange light on the buildings:




I have another shot from this morning that I will be using for another full tutorial over on – check it out if you are interested in learning HDR!