Laurel Falls

I feel I’ve been in a bit of a photographic slump lately. I know that every outing can’t result in something amazing, but lately I’ve produced very little that I really like. It gets frustrating at times. So this past weekend, I decided to head out to a place that never disappoints, Roan Mountain, on the border of Tennessee and North Carolina. Well, it was not good… For two days I was completely socked in by rain, ugly cloud cover and/or heavy fog. So I decided to head down the mountain and hike out to a waterfall that I’ve hiked to years ago. I tried to take several photos along the Appalachian trail on the way to the waterfall, but with the humidity at 100%, my lens fogged up completely every time I removed it from my bag. Getting even more frustrated, I was ready to turn back and head home but my son convinced me to keep going to at least see the waterfall. Finally we made it, and I guess the clearing in the trees allowed some of the humidity  to escape and my lens to defog. I was able to get this photo of Laurel Falls. My son and I were the only ones there for about 30-40 minutes. We ate lunch on the rocks, and enjoyed listening to the sound of the rushing water. Although this may not be a “wall hanger”, I guess it turned out to be a pretty good morning. One my son and I will remember for quite some time.


Middle Prong Little River

For some reason, shooting cascades is really tough for me. Finding the right composition does not come easy. I shot many cascades in the Tremont area of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park that morning, several hours worth. And yet, I have only two to share. Once I would look at most of them on the computer screen, I didn’t like something about them. I guess I’ll just have to practice these more, and that means more trips to the mountains  🙂


Here is the other:

Middle Prong Little River 2

Walter Hill Dam

Finding a unique angle on a subject you’ve shot over and over can be challenging sometimes. I found myself out at Walter Hill Dam again last Saturday evening for a senior portraits session. Afterwards, I stuck around to shoot the dam again. I almost immediately noticed this swirl in the water and knew this was going to be something different. I think it turned out pretty nice…

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Walter Hill Dam

Walter Hill Dam in Murfreesboro, one of my “go-to” spots in the boro. We’ve had crazy good skies the last few days, I finally got out to shoot some.

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Carolina Cascades

Some cascades I found just off of the Blue Ridge Parkway near Blowing Rock, North Carolina.

Click HERE to see another

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Tunnel View – Yosemite National Park

I think this was the best view in that park (at least the areas that we drove through). All day long there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, finally they started to build and gave some added interest to the scene here. On the right is Bridalveil Falls (I think).

This is two horizontal photos stitched together, taken with the 100mm 2.8L lens. With the wide angle lens, everything seemed just too far away.

Machine Falls, Tullahoma TN

My wife and I recently hiked to Machine Falls. It’s a beautiful hike and the falls are truly amazing. The photos don’t really do the size and scope of this waterfall justice. But, I did what I can 🙂 Hope you enjoy…













Found this guy along the trail 🙂



This Week at the Lake – 47/52

More snow in middle Tennessee!? We’ve had quite the winter so far. I haven’t lived in this area for long but even I know that this much snow is pretty unusual. Tuesday night into Wednesday morning we got more snow so I headed out to Radnor Lake. I got the above shot before anyone else messed up the snow on the deck by putting footprints all over it!

Other shots from the snowy morning:
Caught these bucks in a battle to the death! OK, not really. They were more just kind of playing I guess. It never looked real intense and it certainly didn’t last very long!

I really liked the framing of the trees here and cold tones.

More random texture work

I haven’t gotten a shot of this stream at all during this project. This is downstream from the dam.

I went back to the lake on my lunch break to try to get more snowy shots:

Saw this deer about to cross the road as I leaving to go back to work. I got out and ready just in time! (I wish that sign was a “Deer Xing” sign)

I also went on Monday when I got these Deer shots:

And just to say I saw the owl again, here is a shot from Friday:

And that’s it for the week!

Thanks for looking!

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Burgess Falls

This past weekend we visited Burgess Falls State Natural Area. Nothing original here, in fact I had to wait 10 minutes or so while other photographers got this same shot. I only took one shot (the one above) and then switched lenses. When the sun came out there was a rainbow across the falls, but of course once I switched lenses, the sun didn’t come back out. It really was an impressive waterfall, the trails are just too crowded for my liking. Plus, the only good shot you could get of these falls is the same one everyone else has. We took this shot then we went back to the park area to cook out for lunch. After lunch, the kids went to the playground and I went back down the trails. By then, there were tons of people swimming in the water so I never hiked to the bottom because I wouldn’t have wanted a waterfall shot with lots of people in it!
Here are a couple others I got along the way:

This was the stairway leading from the top of the falls to the bottom

And of course, a couple of the kids enjoying the playground:

If you are interested in going to Burgess Falls, check out the map
Fairly easy hikes (my kids made it!) and an impressive waterfall.

Thanks for looking!

Walter Hill Dam – Murfreesboro

Walter Hill Dam

Thanks to flickr contacts Rhonda and Donna and their awesome shots of Walter Hill Dam at sunset, I decided to ride out there and check it out. We got lucky with the sunset, it was awesome!