Rural Nights

I’ve photographed this barn before, but as soon as I found out that no one lived on this farm (its for sale for a cool $7 mil) I knew I wanted to get back at night time. This is only about 20 minutes worth of star trails, after that my lens began to fog up from the dew. The barn is lit with a hand-fired flash.

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St. Louis at Night

So I only had a few hours to spend in St. Louis on Saturday. I knew I wanted an iconic shot, but I didn’t want the “classic” shot from across the Mississippi. So I was in search of something different that clearly says “St. Louis” but was also unique. I found this spot overlooking the old courthouse and loved the view that even included the famous Arch. A quick search on flickr provided no other photos from this view…

So here it is – St. Louis at Night

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Roan Mountain

I love this view of the Roan Mountain Area. This was taken from Jane Bald and is looking at Round Bald and Roan High Knob.  Normally in June, the rhododendron bushes right in front here are covered in beautiful pink rhododendron flowers. I think I was a little late in a down year so I didn’t get to see many, but it’s still an amazing view.


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Engine Gap Fog

I was so neat to stand up on Jane Bald and watch the clouds rolling in from the North Carolina side over to the Tennessee side. You can see the Appalachian trail in the photo coming down from Round Bald. It was such a beautiful morning to be up there!


You can purchase this photo HERE. Several others from East Tennessee are available there as well and more will be added soon.


Nature’s Fireworks

So much is happening in this sky – amazing clouds, fog, color, even a rainbow. Just an awesome evening on Round Bald in the Roan Highlands

The Appalachian Trail at Night

This is the Appalachian Trail at Carver’s Gap on the Tennessee/North Carolina state line. The night sky was full of so many stars up there! I would have shot a lot more up there at night if my son wasn’t so tired. I’ll have to make another trip somewhere similar to shoot more at night.

This is a single 30 second exposure, the foreground was “painted” using a flashlight. The orange color on the right is from a town, reflecting into the only clouds left in the sky that night.

f2.8, 30 seconds (only used the flashlight for about half of this time), 3200 iso

Last Light in the Roan Highlands

This is the last bit of light from the sun before it set behind heavy clouds and mountains. I loved the light shining across the grassy balds of the Roan Highlands. This was taken from on top of Round Bald, the first bald you get to after starting north on the Appalachian Trail from Carvers Gap.

Roan Mountain Sunset

I just got back in town from a weekend on Roan Mountain in east Tennessee. My son and I camped and hiked on a few miles of the Appalachian Trail. This is Friday’s sunset, looking east from Round Bald towards Jane Bald and Grassy Ridge. I absolutely love this part of Tennessee. The views are amazing and no picture I can take will do it justice. On the left is Tennessee, on the right is North Carolina. I’ll have more to post from these locations in the next few days…