Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville Sunset

I visited Nashville for a couple of days earlier this week, so of course I headed downtown for a photo 🙂

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Radnor Lake Sunrise

So while I was in Nashville, I stopped by an old favorite place – Radnor Lake. It’s been almost a year since I was last able to visit. This was what greeted me Monday morning – just how I remembered it 😉

Goodbye Nashville

My friends, I’m writing today to let you all know that I am moving from the Nashville, Tennessee area to Raleigh, North Carolina. Over the last several years, the people of Murfreesboro and Nashville have been very supportive of my photography, and I truly appreciate you all. I know that many of you continue to follow this blog and my facebook page mainly to see any new Nashville Skyline photos I may post. I hope you will continue to enjoy scenes from around beautiful North Carolina. I will miss this city, thank you all so much!

Below are a few of my favorite Nashville photos from the last couple of years – hope you enjoy!

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Thank you Nashville!

Nashville at Night with a Barge

So I was finally able to get out to shoot a little this past weekend with a friend. We headed to the classic Nashville spot and grabbed a few photos. You should check out his photo of the Shelby Street Pedestrian Bridge 



Night Sky Over Nashville

Looks better if you click on it! 🙂

The Nashville Skyline with stars and the full moon overhead. Don’t you wish this were possible? The night sky is amazing, I wish we could see more of it over the cities. This is, in fact, a composite created by merging several photos together. The night sky was photographed miles away from the city and then blended into the photo of the Nashville skyline to make an artistic version of Nashville at night.


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Thursday Night Football in Nashville

Thursday Night Football in Nashville, unfortunately the Titans couldn’t pull out the win over the Colts at LP Field. On the plus side, the skies were great right before the game 😉


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Sunset over Nashville

I was passing through Nashville this past Saturday evening so I decided to stop for a photo from the traditional location on the Shelby Street Pedestrian Bridge. While I think this location is a bit “overdone” for Nashville skyline photos, it works well in a pinch. It’s actually the first time I’ve shot from the bridge in quite a while. So here it is, the Nashville Skyline as the sun sets behind it and the lights reflecting in the Cumberland River.


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Fawn on the Lake Trail

I took a short stroll around Radnor Lake a few mornings ago. This is a shot of a young fawn, probably only a couple of months old, standing in the middle of the Lake Trail. Don’t worry, his mother was not too far off 🙂

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Black and White Zoo Animals



A new addition! There is now a Rhinoceros in the collection! Click the image to view the slideshow!

Most of these animals were photographed at the Nashville Zoo (the deer and turkey were wild and the Rhino was photographed at the Knoxville Zoo)

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