Radnor Lake Sunrise

So while I was in Nashville, I stopped by an old favorite place – Radnor Lake. It’s been almost a year since I was last able to visit. This was what greeted me Monday morning – just how I remembered it 😉

Fawn on the Lake Trail

I took a short stroll around Radnor Lake a few mornings ago. This is a shot of a young fawn, probably only a couple of months old, standing in the middle of the Lake Trail. Don’t worry, his mother was not too far off 🙂

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Machine Falls, Tullahoma TN

My wife and I recently hiked to Machine Falls. It’s a beautiful hike and the falls are truly amazing. The photos don’t really do the size and scope of this waterfall justice. But, I did what I can 🙂 Hope you enjoy…













Found this guy along the trail 🙂



Autumn Forrest Abstract

These photos are pretty fun to attempt. You’re never really sure how they will turn out and occasionally you end up with a beautiful piece of art. See the bottom of this post for more info on the technique used.


Here are a couple of my most recent attempts:







Here are a couple of older favorites as well:








The technique used to create these is pretty simple. Set the shutter to a fairly slow speed (0″3, 0″6, 1/6, 1/8 etc) and pan the camera when shooting. Practice with different shutter speeds, different panning speeds, panning directions, and of course different subjects until you get something you like.


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Snooper’s Rock Overlook

This is the view from Snooper’s Rock Overlook, part of the Prentice Cooper State Forest near Chattanooga Tennessee


Click to view it large!




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Radnor Lake Sunrise

Tuesday morning at Radnor Lake 🙂

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June’s New Spot – Center Hill Lake

June’s “New Spot was AMAZING, and one I’ll definitely be going back to. The weather cooled off significantly in early June after a pretty hot May. So I packed the car and took the kids camping out at Center Hill Lake. Though I have been on the lake before, I have never been there to shoot it. It’s really a beautiful lake, the best in the area that I’ve seen.

I started off the trip with a stop to shoot the bridge on HWY 56 that crosses the lake and a shot from the over look on HWY 56:



We then headed to the camping spot at Floating Mill Park. The campsites are all very close to the water and they face the sunset. The skies were great with fast moving clouds all weekend so I tried several long exposures:




And of course, the clouds made for great sunsets:





This one is my favorite of the trip, actually taken after sunset.


I also loved this one, my view one morning from inside my tent 🙂


I can’t wait to visit this lake again, in fact I may be planning something for next month…


If you have an idea for a place you’d like to see me shoot, let me know! Leave a comment here or send me an email!


April’s New Spot – Hurricane Creek Recreation Area

I’ve got some catching up to do on this series!


April’s new spot for me was Hurricane Creek Recreation Area on Percy Priest Lake. There are many of these little “recreation” areas all around Percy Priest Lake. In January, I showed you Pooles Knob and now it’s Hurricane Creek. Pooles Knob is good for sunrises, Hurricane Creek is good for sunsets.


I visited several times in April, each time to capture the sunset.


The first shot is from a cloudless evening.

The next time I visited, I got better skies so I had to head back to that lone tree on the shore:


Other shots from the trips include:


This particular evening I was shooting with photographer and friend Chriss. It was his idea to light the tree, you can see his version on flickr.


This is a long exposure that was inspired by my aunt, MariAnne MacGregor, who is a photographer in the D.C. area. She was in the process of a completing a project on long exposures and they are amazing. Check those out and her new work on her facebook page.


We found these rocks like this


My kids enjoying the sunset 🙂


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February’s “New Spot” – Long Hunter State Park

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Thanks to this project, I finally visited a place I’ve had in mind for a long time. On a Sunday afternoon, the family and I headed out to Long Hunter State Park. It was really a beautiful area and we plan on visiting again. We also learned a couple things while we were there, for example they don’t allow dogs on the scenic hike around Couchville Lake. We brought our little dog so we weren’t able to take that hike, but the ranger pointed us in a direction that was open to pets. I did hang out there long enough to get a photo though:



Walking down the pier, we all stopped for a new family photo 🙂



After that, we headed out to another picnic area. There was a short trail that led to the lake that started out on a bluff that overlooks Percy Priest Lake:



Along the trail:



And finally, down on the water of Percy Priest Lake:

The last spot is definitely a location I want to shoot at again. With a better sky and different time of day, it could be awesome!


If you have an idea for a place you’d like to see me shoot, let me know! Leave a comment here or send me an email!



January’s “New Spot” – Poole Knobs Recreation Area on Percy Priest Lake

So this year I’ve decided that I’m going to start a monthly challenge for myself. I find that when I get out to take photos I often head to the locations that I’m familiar with. This year, I’m going to attempt to get to at least one new-to-me location every month. I’m hoping this helps me to find many more great places to shoot in middle Tennessee.


January’s “New Spot” was Poole Knobs Recreation Area. Less than 30 minutes from my house, I can’t believe I’ve never been there. It’s an absolutely beautiful spot and perfect for sunrise photography. There was tons of drift wood and rocks lining the shore of Percy Priest Lake, something you don’t get at the lake I usually shoot – Radnor Lake.


These were all shot early one Sunday morning in January. Enjoy!






















If you have an idea for a place you’d like to see me shoot, let me know! Leave a comment here or send me an email!


Most of these photos are HDR photos processed with Photomatix. If you are interested in creating HDR photos like these, you can get a 15% percent discount on Photomatix by using the Coupon Code “MALCOLMPHOTO” – Read this blog post for more information! 


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