Raleigh Skyline

This is the best view of the Raleigh, NC skyline that I’ve found so far. In order to get this comp, I had to merge 6 shots taken with a 100mm lens. It would have appeared much to far away if I had used the wide angle lens that I normally use. It would probably be the perfect location for about a 50mm, but I don’t have anything in that range so I have to make do with this 6 shot panorama.

Storm over Raleigh, NC

So I was setting up to photograph the Raleigh, NC skyline at sunset/night when I turned around and saw this massive ugly front moving in behind me. I decided to stay in hopes that it would move over the city and that I could get a shot of it before it started raining. Right after I took this photo, it started pouring and I had to run back to car. Even though it was a short distance, I was soaked!

Here is an iPhone photo of the front as it came in behind me:


Night Sky Over Nashville

Looks better if you click on it! 🙂

The Nashville Skyline with stars and the full moon overhead. Don’t you wish this were possible? The night sky is amazing, I wish we could see more of it over the cities. This is, in fact, a composite created by merging several photos together. The night sky was photographed miles away from the city and then blended into the photo of the Nashville skyline to make an artistic version of Nashville at night.


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Thursday Night Football in Nashville

Thursday Night Football in Nashville, unfortunately the Titans couldn’t pull out the win over the Colts at LP Field. On the plus side, the skies were great right before the game 😉


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Sunset over Nashville

I was passing through Nashville this past Saturday evening so I decided to stop for a photo from the traditional location on the Shelby Street Pedestrian Bridge. While I think this location is a bit “overdone” for Nashville skyline photos, it works well in a pinch. It’s actually the first time I’ve shot from the bridge in quite a while. So here it is, the Nashville Skyline as the sun sets behind it and the lights reflecting in the Cumberland River.


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The Murfreesboro Clock Tower

The clock tower on top of the Rutherford County Courthouse in Murfreesboro at sunset.

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The Swanson Building

Murfreesboro’s skyline…. One random tall building in downtown Murfreesboro

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The Rotunda

Thomas Jefferson’s Rotunda, on the campus of the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. I always make it a point to stop by UVa when I’m in Charlottesville.


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St. Louis at Night

So I only had a few hours to spend in St. Louis on Saturday. I knew I wanted an iconic shot, but I didn’t want the “classic” shot from across the Mississippi. So I was in search of something different that clearly says “St. Louis” but was also unique. I found this spot overlooking the old courthouse and loved the view that even included the famous Arch. A quick search on flickr provided no other photos from this view…

So here it is – St. Louis at Night

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The Golden Gate Bridge

View it extra large HERE!!!

Day two photo: The Golden Gate Bridge at Sunrise.

So I was so pumped about getting an awesome sunset at the Bay Bridge the night before, I decided to get up early and head to the Golden Gate Bridge for sunrise. I shot from another spot most of the morning, but the sunrise was pretty dull. There was lot’s of haze, no real fog and no real color in the sky. Since this was my only chance to shoot the bridge, I decided to continue up the hill stopping at various overlooks for different views. Finally made it up to this view as the sun was really shining through the haze, casting beautiful warm light onto the bridge and San Francisco behind it.

Details: This is a two horizontal shot panorama taken with a 100mm 2.8L lens, merged together in Photoshop. Each shot is only a single exposure.