The “Smokies”

Ever wonder why they call them the Great Smoky Mountains?   – Now you know 😉

Foggy Sunset from Cliff Top

Last week was my first time hiking to the LeConte Lodge in the Smoky Mountains. We hiked the Trillium Gap Trail up, 6.5 miles +- to the lodge. After arriving around 5 pm, we ate dinner at the lodges dining hall and then headed up a little further to Cliff Top for a great view of the sunset. The clouds were constantly rolling through the scene, with some moments having near zero visibility and when those clouds rolled out you had this amazing view.

Laurel Falls

I feel I’ve been in a bit of a photographic slump lately. I know that every outing can’t result in something amazing, but lately I’ve produced very little that I really like. It gets frustrating at times. So this past weekend, I decided to head out to a place that never disappoints, Roan Mountain, on the border of Tennessee and North Carolina. Well, it was not good… For two days I was completely socked in by rain, ugly cloud cover and/or heavy fog. So I decided to head down the mountain and hike out to a waterfall that I’ve hiked to years ago. I tried to take several photos along the Appalachian trail on the way to the waterfall, but with the humidity at 100%, my lens fogged up completely every time I removed it from my bag. Getting even more frustrated, I was ready to turn back and head home but my son convinced me to keep going to at least see the waterfall. Finally we made it, and I guess the clearing in the trees allowed some of the humidity  to escape and my lens to defog. I was able to get this photo of Laurel Falls. My son and I were the only ones there for about 30-40 minutes. We ate lunch on the rocks, and enjoyed listening to the sound of the rushing water. Although this may not be a “wall hanger”, I guess it turned out to be a pretty good morning. One my son and I will remember for quite some time.


The Washington Monument (and others)

This is the Washington Monument at sunrise, as seen from the Lincoln Memorial. There were very few people out that early in the morning, it was pretty nice 🙂

Behind me:

Lincoln Memorial


After shooting here, I headed on over to the Capitol Building to get a shot of it while it too was quiet. This is a 6 shot panorama:

Capitol Building


The day before, I took in a baseball game at Nationals Park on a perfect afternoon for baseball:

Nationals Park

Johhny Mercer Pier

A couple of days ago, I got to ride around and explore the southern coast of North Carolina with my aunt and photographer, Marianne  – check out her work to see fantastic black and white long exposures

This is a photo of the Johnny Mercer Pier in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina at sunrise.

Bodie Island Lighthouse

What a beautiful place this was!

No gates + No entry fees + No closing times + No tripod police + Beautiful location = Photographers dream


I took a quick roadtrip (quick because I was leaving from Raleigh, NC) to the Outer Banks. I hung out at the Bodie Island lighthouse for a couple hours. Shooting it before, during, and after sunset and into the night. I’ve got a couple of photos that I want to share over the next week or so. Hope you all enjoy!


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Fall in the Smokies

So this past Tuesday I went to the Smokies. I only had one day to devote to fall color in east Tennessee so I left my house at 3am in order to be in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park by sunrise. I arrived at this vantage point around 30 minutes before sunrise. This shot encompasses 3 of my favorite things to photograph – East Tennessee, Sunrise, and Autumn

Foggy Morning

So I awoke to some awesome fog on Friday morning. Once I got the kids up and off to school, I grabbed the camera and headed out. Drove around and shot for an hour or so and then I came up on this scene right outside of Murfreesboro. Took a while to get the beautiful horse to pose just right 🙂

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The last bit of light for the evening comes spilling across the mountains and valleys in the Roan Highlands on the Tennessee/North Carolina border.



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Price Lake at Night

Price Lake at night. This was probably 11:30 at night, but the nearly full moon was so bright it lit the scene as though it were day.

This was taken as an HDR, but instead of changing the shutter speed, I adjusted the ISO in between each photo. Then the 6 resulting photos were merged.


Price Lake is located on the Blue Ridge Parkway, near Blowing Rock, North Carolina


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