Arthur Ravenel Bridge

The iconic Arthur Ravenel Bridge in Charleston South Carolina

Waterfront Park – Charleston, SC

The famous pineapple fountain at the Waterfront Park, downtown Charleston South Carolina

Folly Beach Sunrise

Folly Beach Pier, near Charleston, South Carolina.

Carnival Sunrise

A Carnival Cruise Ship, identified by the iconic whale tale, is seen heading towards the Port of Charleston during sunrise.

Angel Oak

When I was visiting Charleston for a week, I knew that Angel Oak was on my short list of photography stops. This tree is truly impressive. I’ve seen many photos of this old oak, and none ever do it justice.

I’ve read several different stats about it’s age, but it’s at least several hundred years old and could be quite a bit older. If you get a chance, stop by and see it!

Botany Bay

Located on Edisto Island, South Carolina – Botany Bay Plantation offers access to a portion of the beach that was once a forest of large trees. The trees are dead, but the many remains litter the beach. This is one of the most photographed trees on the beach.

This is a long exposure, captured shortly after sunrise with a neutral density filter. I will have more photos of some of the other trees soon!