Atlanta at Night

So I’ve been away from my computer for a couple of weeks. During that time, I visited Atlanta and was able to shoot from this incredible location. Located near Georgia Tech, I’m sure it’s a g0-to spot for many photographers in the area. There is a chain link fence with a hole cut in it, just big enough for my lens, and just tall enough for my tripod. Convenient 🙂

Nashville at Night with a Barge

So I was finally able to get out to shoot a little this past weekend with a friend. We headed to the classic Nashville spot and grabbed a few photos. You should check out his photo of the Shelby Street Pedestrian Bridge 



Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to each of you, I hope you enjoy your day with your family and friends! Thank you all for helping to make 2013 an amazing year, I’m looking forward to more great things in 2014!

Special thanks to BlackJack Farms of Shelbyville for allowing me out there at night to take this photo.


“For unto us a Child is born, Unto us a Son is given”



Christmas on the Farm

About an hours worth of 30-second photos, merged to show the movement of the stars.

College Grove Methodist Church

*Looks better if you click it :)*

I headed out a couple of days ago in search of a good night photo. I ended up in College Grove, where this beautiful church is. I’ve passed it before, so I’ve thought about a night shot. The problem was the street lights in front and to the side. I had to shoot from this angle to block the one on the side. Overall, I think it turned out pretty well. This is approximately 45 minutes worth of 30 second exposures, blended to show the motion of the stars.


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Night Sky Over Nashville

Looks better if you click on it! 🙂

The Nashville Skyline with stars and the full moon overhead. Don’t you wish this were possible? The night sky is amazing, I wish we could see more of it over the cities. This is, in fact, a composite created by merging several photos together. The night sky was photographed miles away from the city and then blended into the photo of the Nashville skyline to make an artistic version of Nashville at night.


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Thursday Night Football in Nashville

Thursday Night Football in Nashville, unfortunately the Titans couldn’t pull out the win over the Colts at LP Field. On the plus side, the skies were great right before the game 😉


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Cow Field in the Moon Light

Here’s another night scene I photographed in rural Bedford County the other night. The moon was so bright it lit the field up as though it were day. This is a 30 second exposure, the cows were amazingly still 🙂



Night on the Farm

Looks better if you click on it!!! 🙂

So I left the house late Saturday night in search of night scene to shoot. I took off on some back roads in rural Bedford County. Came across a few interesting scenes, shot a little here and there, then I was very excited when I came across this. The barn was sitting in perfect moon light. The North Star just off to the left (just out of frame). So I set up here and shot for about an hour and a half to capture the star trails. No artificial light was used in this scene, everything was completely lit by a very bright moon. Hopefully I’ll be headed out that way soon for some other ideas I found along the way 🙂

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Stars Over Grandfather Mountain

Stars over Grandfather Mountain, North Carolina. The clouds in the sky and the mountains are lit by the nearly full moon. This is about an hour’s worth of rotation. Taken from Grandfather View Overlook on the Blue Ridge Parkway

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